Bassam Djembés - Smaller Sizes

Bassam Djembés - Smaller Sizes

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Unlike many "scaled-down" student drums, the Kambala Bassam range doesn't skimp on the quality of its' components. The drums are hand-made from Iroca wood (the same wood used by Kambala's Professional range) in the Ivory Coast and topped with quality goat skin, which produces an authentic warm sound. When learning any instrument it's extremely important to have the right one for you, therefore the Kambala Bassam range offers a size to suit everyone.

The 9" x 16" drum is the ideal size and weight to introduce primary school students and younger players to african hand drum techniques.

Like the 9", the slightly larger 10" x 19" Djembé still caters for primary school students and younger players, but the larger head offers slightly more tone variation.

The 11" x 22" Djembé caters for younger players of a much larger age range than the previous 2 sizes, from older primary school children through to most secondary school pupils. Children grow so much during their school years, and the slight added size of this drum adapts well for most ages of school students, aswell as offering a much richer tone. Please note though that younger primary school children often find this size unwieldy,

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