Professional Range Djembé - Various Sizes

Professional Range Djembé - Various Sizes

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The Kambala Professional Range really set the standard of obtainable great quality Djembés. Hand made in the Ivory Coast from Iroca wood and Goat skin, the Professional range are high quality authentic drums. They are made with comfortable, rounded edges, and are available in a huge variety of sizes, meaning that any age of budding player can have an ideally scaled, high-quality authentic instrument to play on.

The smaller sizes of the Kambala Professional Range has really set the standard of great quality Djembés for younger players. As the name suggests, the Professional range offers younger players the chance to play professional quality drums, accurately scaled for them! The 8" and 9" diameter headed models would be best suited to younger primary students. The 10" models might be better suited to older primary, or younger secondary students. Whilst the 11" and 12" models might be a bit large for primary students, but would be ideal for most secondary students. 

The full sized instruments 13", 14" and 15" models are really great instruments for professional players, or beginners who want to treat themselves.


The 10", 11", 12" and 15" models are temporarily out of stock. To pre-order or find out when we will have these back in stock call us on 0161 273 7827.

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