Doum Doum (Djun-Djun) Range - Various Sizes

Doum Doum (Djun-Djun) Range - Various Sizes

Price: £89.10 RRP: £99.00
Please note, each drum is sold individually, and is supplied complete with a beater.

The Djun-Djuns give the deep bass tones to African ensembles. There are 3 basic catagories of size in the Djun-Djun family, the Kenkeni (smallest), the Sangban (medium), and the Djununba (largest). Often a player will play 2 or 3 drums roped together of different tones, This, the smallest of the Kambala Djun-Djuns is a deffinate Kenkeni! The highest of the low sounds! Great to add depth to any African percussion group, and an easy and managable size for younger players to learn with too!

The 8" x 12" drum is a mini Kekeni

The 10" x 18" drum is a fully fledged Kekeni!

The 13" x 20.5" drum is a Sangban

The 16" x 23" drum is a Djununba

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