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I have known these artistes for 15 years and having organised and facilitated in varying situations I understand the level of professionalism it takes to really deliver on promises and expectations.

Bangdrum do exactly that, a truly dynamic force and are totally reliable, punctual and customer focussed, they will indeed make your event go with a Bang! and leave the participants begging for more.

They talk the talk and walk the walk for sure!

If placing workshops for 'music services' at schools, colleges, primary care trusts, healthy living centres, prisons & probation services and across the board as well as team building/motivation/conferences for corporate clients in all sectors my first choice would be Bangdrum every time!

One of the decisive factors in their success is that they are deeply immersed in their art, practising and developing on a daily basis often with 'people of source' adding authenticity in the workshop situation and Bangdrum facilitators frequently travelling to the origins of the music whether that may be Africa, South America etc and have built up many connections over the years which informs their workshop delivery and performance at every level.

Your event (and YOUR credibility) will be absolutely safe in their hands!"

Steve Davies - Animateur - BYGPAW Productions - Lancs Music Service Provider - Grupo SambAfriq - LaFarda

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"The best day of my Life!"

Qasim Ali, aged 10

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 “I am hugely impressed by the creativity , imagination, knowledge and skills of the team. It was great to see the level of public interest and involvement from all ages and backgrounds of the community we serve”.

Secretary of state for communities


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“ Thank you for helping us to learn African drumming. My favourite part was all of it “

Anthony Price, aged 6


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"Drumming workshops offer a unique route to the benefits of music education for the widest possible range of participants and Bangdrum represent the cutting edge of life-changing experiences in music. Bangdrum's charm and professionalism have set a new benchmark for the delivery of arts workshops. Their extraordinary ability to engage with a wide spectrum of people is an inspiration to music leaders everywhere."

Ian Holmes-Lewis - founder, MD; Sambangra

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"Bangdrum has been the driver in developing music within the school, engaging children from all backgrounds and all levels of using English. They provide personalised support with differentiated planning for children with special educational needs. The children are continually engaged and one went on to play for Halle Youth Orchestra having had no prior music learning. I would be happy to recommend the team and look forward to working with them in the future."

Stephanie Eckhardt - Director of Performing Arts - Breeze Hill School, Oldham


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"Inclusive, creative, collaborative, informative, innovative, great fun and very very noisy".

Tim Chatterton, Learning & Participation Officer, Band on the Wall.

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“Thank you for helping us to learn African drumming. My favourite part was the whistle where it went really fast. I also liked the part where we made our own rhythms up and I will never forget you!.

Matthew Jolly, Aged 6


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"BeatLife have collaborated with BangDrum since 2003. The quality and dedication of their community work has been inspirational and the professional development they offer to artists is outstanding. BangDrum is an extremely important part of of the Northwests provision for carnival arts, youth music and cultural exchange."

Stuart Hardcastle, Managing Director, Beatlife

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“It was really good I loved it!”

Louis Walsh, Aged 9


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“To anyone thinking of hiring them, can I make a whole-hearted recommendation”

You can see our feeder schools project in collaboration with Breeze Hill School, featured as part of the series 'community cohesion through school partnerships' on teachers TV here http://www.teachersmedia.co.uk/videos/good-practice-in-two-schools


Bernard Philips, Head Teacher Breezehill School, Oldham

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