Inject new enthusiasm into your business. Book a Bangdrum event and inspire commitment and understanding across your workforce to build a stronger, closer team.

We can also work with you to create colourful, imaginative, musical performances to promote your business and make your corporate events crackle with energy and anticipation, whether your business is based in the UK or abroad.

Perhaps you’re looking to make headlines when you launch your new product? Our in-store shows can impress your customers and make a lasting impression of your product and business. Bangdrum can also help you with designing and delivering large-scale, customer outreach programmes to bring your company to consumers.

When you book Bangdrum Workshops or event for your business you will not only help your enterprise but help others too! A percentage of profits from any of our Business products will go to a charity of your choice. And, if you’re stuck for ideas on who to support, we can help you decide where your donation will have the greatest impact.






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