Large group and whole class tuition


We offer large group and whole class instrumental tuition to Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils through a variety of programmes: World Music (Samba/Djembe/Bhangra etc) – including taster sessions on orchestral instruments, Band (brass and/or woodwind), Strings (violins, violas, cellos) and Vocal. This style of tuition can be delivered through a range of packages to meet the needs of the school.

Our expert team of musical directors and artistic managers will work alongside your school to identify clearly the needs of your music department and your students. Based on this evaluation and appraisal we will suggest a programme of group tuition in your school. A dedicated artistic manager will be allocated to your school who will regularly liaise with the tutors team and your music department to insure that targets are being met and tutors are working together to produce top quality ensembles and pupil collaborations.

Free Instruments

As a Social Enterprise we make sure any profits generated from our music services are invested directly back into the provision in your school and the local community. The more investors we have on board in the local area the more of our profits will be ploughed back into music development in your local network of schools.

For example a 12 month contract with one tutor, for one day per week may pay for some new guitars, an afterschool’s club or a new set of African percussion instruments for your music department.

Music for every child -Wider Opportunities

As part of the ‘Wider Opportunities’ initiative, we’re proud to offer weekly, class tuition in our specialist genres including West African, Brazilian, South Asian, Cuban, Arabic and Junk percussion, designed especially for your pupils. If it’s too difficult to choose, why not let us run separate modules on each different style throughout the school year?

And depending on the styles you opt for, we may be able to offer subsidised or even free instruments for your school to keep.

Bangdrum artists are experts in their chosen area of study. They have learned their art forms from masters in th UK, Brazil, Cuba, West Africa and India, where melody, movement and drumming always go hand in hand. Our tuition programmes honour the traditions we borrow from these cultures, ensuring that we reference and acknowledge the people who have given us these gifts.

Our wider opportunities workshops:

 • Raise the status of music in schools
• Improve behaviour, attendance and achievement
• Create ensembles to perform at school concerts
• Enhance elements of the music curriculum

Why are we different?

Unlike Many Wider Opportunities initiatives BangDrum offers the ability to be flexible and innovative to produce the best experience for your students. We can offer innovative approaches such as modular based learning where students have the opportunity to work in a range of styles and with a range of instruments termly.

Over a school year your students could try their hand at 3 three completely different genres and styles such as Brass, Strings and Bhangra drumming! This will give young people a more rounded understanding of music making and also give an insight into the activities your students enjoy most informing the other activities in your school such as after schools classes or individual instrumental tuition.

Like all of our regular music services offers we will work closely with you and your music department to insure that we have fully understood the needs and cultures of your school before suggesting a way forward.

What’s the cost?

Our services are completely bespoke.

We recognise that each school has different needs.

These may be more or less hours, musical instruments or specialist support. We will identify the needs of your music service clearly and based on this research develop an action plan tailored to your school.

Each contract is budgeted from scratch and based on the number of management hours needed per contract, plus the number of tutors hours plus any additional equipment / investment costs.

This formula allows us to offer the best deal for you school. Prices range from £26 – £46.50 per hour with an average cost of around £30 per hour inclusive of instruments for your department you can keep!

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