Performing Arts Programmes


Our performing arts programmes include music, drama, visual arts, media and movement delivered through a classroom theme by a highly trained professional performing artist and core team member. Our sessions are carefully planned to focus on school priorities or subjects from literacy, and emotional wellbeing to cultural awareness or fitness.

We offer a comprehensive performing arts service that can be tailored to the exact needs of the school. Maybe you are working towards an end of year production and need extra support with your rehearsals or development sessions or would like to brush up on your street dance or vocals within the school then we can design a programme just for you.

Our most popular package is a full years provision once a week using a modular approach utilising several tutors skills. This enables your students and teachers to benefit from a variety of performing arts styles from Music to Dance, Theatre to Set Design.

Through the vehicle of performing arts, our key objectives are:

  • to stimulate creative thinking
  • to boost confidence and teamwork
  • to strengthen powers of self-expression
  • to develop performing arts skills

How does this work?

One of our experienced artistic directors will visit your school for an initial consultation  and evaluation of your current performing arts provision. We will identify clearly, together what areas of the arts you would like to develop. We will then take this data away and discuss possible progression routes with our specialist tutors in each area we have outlined. Based on this feedback we will develop and design a programme of work tailored exactly to the needs of your individual school or cluster of schools (such as a secondary school and surrounding feeders).

What’s the cost?

All of our regular schools provision is designed and budgeted from scratch based on the individual needs of each school. Pricing can range from £20- £56.50 per hour for our regular performing arts programmes depending on the number of hours per week and amount of capital items /materials required .

Please contact our Artistic Director, Leon Patel, directly on 07771 923 185 to oraganise a meeting to discuss your needs. Alternatively please contact the Bangdrum HQ directly here.

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