What we do

  • Bangdrum works in education, community development, business consultancy and musical instrument supply. 
  • Bangdrum in Schools offers ready-made workshops that educate and inspire primary and secondary school pupils about World Music, theatre, dance and culture. We can also help you to Design Your Own Workshop.
  • Bangdrum provides After School Clubs in drumming, dancing, music and arts, offers specialist tuition through our Schools Music Service, runs a Feeder Schools Project, and offers Professional Development and Consultancy to educators.
  • Bangdrum in the Community harnesses the power of performance to reach young people, bring communities together and produce positive social change.
  • Bangdrum in Business is all about helping you to build an enthusiastic and committed team. We can also provide entertainment for corporate events and special packages for product launches and in-store promotions.
  • The Bangdrum Music Shop supplies top-quality, fair-traded instruments for purchase or hire. We can also offer you advice on the best instruments for the project you want to run.

    What we don't do

  • Put sales before sincerity – We are committed to community development and promise to help you inspire, educate and vivify the people you work with.
  • Preach what we can’t practise – Our tutors have become experts in their particular art forms by studying with master practitioners in the countries where those art forms originated and evolved.
  • Make deals we can’t deliver on – If we can’t meet your objectives we’ll tell you as much. But we’ll do our damnedest to help you realise your vision.




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